Patient Guide

Why ProMark?

Your doctor has recently taken a biopsy (tissue) of your prostate to determine if you have Prostate Cancer. Not all Prostate Cancer is the same and It is important to determine if the cancer is aggressive and needs active treatment, or if it is not aggressive and can be carefully monitored instead. Your biopsy tissue can also be used to run other tests, such as ProMark, that give you and your doctor more information about the type of cancer you have and the speed at which your cancer may grow. ProMark provides you and your doctor with reliable and timely information about the aggressiveness of your specific Prostate Cancer, helping you determine the best path of treatment. ProMark uses automated image recognition technology to predict your risk of having an aggressive Prostate Cancer. The test generates a personalized score that indicates the aggressiveness of your specific Prostate Cancer.

ProMark billing process

If the patient choose to determine their potential out-of-pocket costs before we run your ProMark test, the patient should complete and sign the ProMark Patient Assistance Program Form, provided by the doctor. This form provides us with the information we need to verify the patient's insurance, determine the potential financial responsibility, and check eligibility for the ProMark Patient Assistance Program. If the patient does not complete this form, we will proceed with the test, and the patient will have an opportunity to apply for the ProMark Patient Assistance Program after the testing is complete.

For any questions regarding billing, please contact your Lab staff or Billing department for details.